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Jamie Carragher 23 Foundation


When Jamie Carragher decided to create the 23 Foundation in 2009, he did so to help make a difference to the young people of Merseyside by offering “help to give local kids a chance”

A decade later, showing the same strengths that epitomised Carra’s career on the pitch, that team of passionate and professional volunteers has grown and now supports good causes for young people across the world on a daily basis.

As well as supporting sick, disabled and disadvantaged children, the 23 Foundation also helps community organisations and not-for profit organisations that support and provide services for young people.

In 2017 alone the 23 Foundation supported over 1000 good causes for young people across the world, and that number continues to grow year on year.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting the 23 Foundation. Without you we couldn’t continue offering the support that we do!

To learn more please visit our website via the link below.

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